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A Silicon Valley Technology Company

Updated: May 30

A SaaS technology company in Silicon Valley has made waves in the event industry. Providing solutions to globally recognized corporations, meeting management companies, and event producers, their SaaS platform offers highly advanced features like attendee management, event branding and facilitates social and mobile participation. Widening their reach even further, this cutting-edge company extends its service to North America, Europe and diverse countries spread across the Pacific Rim.


The Human Resources department at this fast-growing faced numerous recruitment challenges. With only a few talent acquisition professionals on their team, they were struggling to carve out enough time to keep up with their hiring needs. To strengthen the depth and breadth of recruiters hired for IT roles that had specialized skillsets, they reached out to Emerge Talent Cloud to bolster their hiring efforts. This partnership allowed the talent acquisition team to confidently meet their targeted recruiting goals without having the pressure of taking on more than they were able to handle.


The organization regularly needed highly skilled IT recruiters to fulfil their needs. To achieve this, they decided to partner with Emerge Talent Cloud. This strategic alliance would expand and supplement their existing recruiting efforts. Together, both organizations believed they could build a competitive hiring process in order to source qualified professionals for open roles.


To uncover top-tier passive candidates, Emerge Talent Cloud leveraged a comprehensive set of tools to boost the potential employees’ journey while building its clients’ brand as an employer-of choice. Utilizing email drip campaigns, candidate sourcing platforms and ATS systems for tracking applicants alongside recruitment marketing strategies and targeted outreach initiatives, they were able to identify truly exceptional contenders.


For three years, Emerge Talent Cloud provided exemplary recruiting services to an IT department with astounding results. In total, 127 positions were filled, across multiple technology platforms and disciplines – 44 hires within the first year, 38 during the second, capping off at 45 by their third. 

The VP of Human Resources stated that “Emerge Talent Cloud was a great investment. Highly professional recruiters coupled with outstanding skill sets produced top-talent more quickly than we could have accomplished on our own”.

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