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The 35 Best Job Boards for Employers to Find Candidates

Updated: Jun 26

One of the greatest challenges as an employer is searching for and hiring new talent. Even simply finding people who are interested in a job with your company can be tricky, which is why a wide variety of job boards have sprung up over the years. These boards exist to allow employers to post jobs and search for talent so that interested people from around the world can apply to any role they feel they’re qualified to take.

What, though, are the best job boards for employers? There are new lists of job board sites popping up every day, and new job boards springing up every week, attracting the newest and most motivated audience. If you aren’t finding and utilizing these boards, you may not be searching for the best candidates out there.

We’ve compiled our own modern list of the best job boards for employers, to post jobs, search for talent, and recruit candidates to fill roles they’re best qualified to fill.

The Big Name Boards

First up, we have the biggest names in job boards. You probably already know many of these household names, but they’re worth mentioning specifically because of their extremely large audiences. Through boards like these, you can reach millions of potential candidates in pretty much every possible niche.

Indeed – Indeed is one of the larger job boards, with over 200 million visitors per month and over 100 million resumes. They were the first search engine for jobs online, and have been continuously improving the accuracy of their results over the past 20+ years. They are free to use, and have an optional “Sponsored Listing” for enhanced visibility that works a bit like running pay-per-click ads. This sticks you to the top of certain search queries so that your job opening is the first thing that potential candidates see.

Glassdoor – As a combination of job board and employer review hub, Glassdoor is an excellent option for businesses that can maintain a good reputation amongst employees. It becomes somewhat less valuable for companies that struggle to maintain that reputation.

ZipRecruiter – ZipRecruiter is unique in that it syndicates job openings across many different job board websites to improve the visibility of your position. They also have a sponsored listing feature called “Traffic Boost”, which is included by default in their Enterprise plan.

LinkedIn – Much like Facebook, LinkedIn is a large social network with a broad audience. Posting a job listing on the jobs board allows you to build a pool of active candidates while using their social networking features, which allows you to search for potential passive candidates.

Craigslist – The original online classified ads website, Craigslist is very inexpensive, at $25 to $50 for a 30-day post. Job seekers on Craigslist tend to be looking for local, less skilled jobs such as parking attendants, dog walkers, bar tenders, etc.

Monster – Another of the oldest and largest general interest job boards (dating back to 1994), Monster is a staple for both job seekers and hiring companies. It is also unique in that it attracts high-value candidates and companies alike; some of the largest employers in the world have faith in Monster’s service. Their employer tools are quite useful as well, such as Power Resume Search and Employer Branding.

CareerBuilder – CareerBuilder is a great option for most employers looking to fill entry-level and mid-level roles. Their subscriptions are a bit more expensive than the other options listed here, but that can also be a positive thing, as the higher price tag weeds out lower-value positions and businesses that are less serious.

Smaller Boards

Many of the boards on this list are recognizable, though they aren’t as large as the big-name boards above. They’re broad, generalist boards where applicants of any background and employers in any industry can come and find each other. They’re typically good for a variety of candidates who haven’t had much luck on the larger boards due to the competition.

CareerJet – CareerJet is an aggregator, pulling job listing data from a wide range of other job portals. As such, it has a broad audience, but also a lot of competition for the attention of skilled candidates. Employers can pay CareerJet directly to promote job listings on a cost-per-click pricing plan. It can be well worth the expense, for the right employers.

Lensa – Lensa is a modern, high-tech job board that uses AI-driven solutions to connect candidates with employers, often finding matches that might not seem appropriate at first glance, but which work out to be an excellent fit upon further inspection. Their candidate pool has over ten million members, so there’s a wealth of potential hires just waiting to be found.

Juju – Juju is similar to CareerJet, in that it’s an aggregator that pulls job listings from around the web for users to search. Employers are able to promote their listings on the site in the same way. The two sites are very similar for employers, right down to the cost per click for listing a sponsored opening, but they have slightly different audiences so it can be worth using both.

JobsRadar – Another of the larger general-interest job boards out there, Jobs Radar doesn’t have any particular focus on industry, but rather on geographic location. Applicants can choose a location – either where they are or where they want to be – and view jobs local to that area. Excellent for employers looking to pick up local candidates.

SnagAJob – While SnagAJob is a larger and relatively generalist job board, they have a particular specialty. They focus on jobs that are typically entry-level or offering a lower wage; usually service jobs paid hourly. Employers looking to hire skilled, salaried employees should look elsewhere, but if you need to find retail, restaurant, hotel, or other service workers, it’s a great place to find them.

Cleverism – Another modern job board, Cleverism has a global audience and a focus on international job seekers. As an employer, if you’re able to hire international employees to pick up talent from anywhere in the world, this can be an excellent site to use. They also have AI-based search filtering to help facilitate the ideal match between user and listing.

CareerBliss – One of the biggest challenges for any business is matching new hires to the company culture. CareerBliss focuses on matching not just skill and talent profiles with open roles, but company culture with applicant personality. Their goal is long-term retention, not just filling a role.

Nexxt – Nexxt has rebranded throughout the years, but they are one of the oldest job boards out there, and as such, they have a wealth of experience in connecting employers with candidates. They have over 75 million candidates in their talent network, and they have a variety of modern tools available to help you filter through them to find the right people to fill your roles.

Jobvertise – An excellent board for employers looking to search through a large, pre-existing database to find candidates. They claim to have over a million resumes in their database, with advanced search tools to help you find the best candidates from among them. Employers can also register a paid account to post sponsored job listings and get fresh resumes directly.

Mashable – Mashable is itself one of the largest tech-focused blogs, with a huge audience. Their job board allows employers to feature listings and attract talent from their blog network. Excellent for largely tech-focused and highly skilled candidates. Job listings come with tools for candidate tracking, emails to qualified candidates, and – with the top-level employer plan – special promotion via distribution partners.

WeWorkRemotely – While this board is primarily focused on startups, any company can make use of their candidate pool. In particular, they focus primarily on remote workers. These tend to include software and development roles, but can also work for writers, marketers, and other remote roles.

Geebo – Geebo is similar in many ways to Craigslist, as a classifieds board. They host your job posting, as well as curate it throughout their list of partner sites. They’re quite good about filtering out poor quality candidates, as well as scams and other annoyances that waste time and manpower from your hiring team.

Creative Job Boards

This third list is focused on job boards for creatives and designers. These are the home to professionals and employers who are interested in illustration, web design, user experience design, 3D modeling, and many other creative professions. 

Some of them (such as Behance and Dribbble) have the benefit of an integrated portfolio platform where you can review the work of your applicants, as well as read comments and feedback that they have received from the artistic community. This makes the search for potential candidates much simpler, as the portfolio of creative professionals generally serves as the most important part of their resume.

Krop – Krop is a job board for creatives, typically focusing on art and design. While it allows employers to post job listings, its real strength is in allowing you to search through the portfolios of creative types who upload their content and are available for hire.

Behance – Behance is the home to the portfolio of nearly every illustrator and graphic designer out there, and it just so happens that they have a very active job board. Their monthly plans typically start at about $399/mo, which is on the steep side, but at the time of writing, their job listings are free for a limited time.

Dribble – Dribbble is a close second in popularity to Behance for creative types, and they have an active job board as well that is home to over 70,000 designers. They charge per job listing, but their plans also support unlimited hiring, so you can swap out job listings for new roles without paying any extra fees.

Coroflot – Coroflot is unique in that applicants are carefully screened before being allowed on the platform. This gives you a carefully curated talent pool of designers with detailed work history, a strong portfolio and work samples, and a list of references. This may reduce your time to hire, as you’ll receive fewer applications from candidates who aren’t a good fit for your position.

AIGA – AIGA, otherwise known as the American Institute of Graphic Arts, is an organization of professional designers that holds design conferences in major cities across the United States. Their job board under the “Resources” section of their website is very active, and they give generous discounts on job listings to existing members who are at their “Sustaining” membership level or above, or in other words, members who are paying at least $250/year for their membership.

Authentic Jobs – Authentic Jobs, acquired by BuySellAds in 2017, is a powerful job board for web designers and creative professionals. Their job listings and pricing is pretty standard, but their extras is what makes them stand out – they can cross-post your listing to Dribble and DesignNews, as well as include your job listing on the featured newsletters on sites like UXBooth and which reaches over 100,000 professionals on each site.

Niche Job Boards

This final list is comprised of the job boards that focus on a specific niche. They have much smaller audiences than the big name boards, and often smaller than even the generalist boards. They make up for this by having a focused audience. If you search for talent on a board dedicated to financial jobs, you know everyone there is already self-selected to be a financial worker of some capacity. There are, of course, hundreds more of these niche boards out there to find. We simply picked some of the most common and effective boards. 

ClearanceJobs – No, not a portal for jobs on sale. Clearance Jobs is a job portal for companies that require a security clearance to operate. As such, both the candidate pool and the employer list are relatively low. It’s highly specialized, but if your business is positioned to take advantage of that specialty, it’s one of the best options on the web.

CoolWorks – A unique job board that is only accessible to certain kinds of employers. CoolWorks focuses on jobs in “cool” locations, typically places like natural parks, ski resorts, ranches, and other exotic 

locales. It attracts specifically outdoor enthusiasts as skilled candidates with a passion for the environment, so while narrow, it has very good candidates for specific kinds of roles.

Dice – Dice is one of the largest narrow-band job boards, focused almost entirely on technology jobs. This can range from developers to system architects to COBOL specialists and beyond. They have great tools to help employers filter their candidate pool to specific skills and requirements, making it great for finding people to handle specific, narrow roles.

eFinancialCareers – As the name might imply, this job board is specifically focused on financial careers. While most broad job boards have a financial section, this site breaks it up into 35 different financial niches, from accounting and asset management to investment banking and hedge fund management. If you’re looking to recruit talented financial specialists, this is one of the best places to find them.

EnergyJobline – Energy generation and management is a broad industry encompassing everything from oil and gas to renewables to nuclear energy. Skilled technicians and administrators can be difficult to find and contact, but this is a job board where they tend to gather when they’re seeking new work. As a bonus, it’s also a great place to keep on top of industry news and current events.

Energy Job Shop – EJS is another energy job board that specializes in oil and gas jobs. Their job listings are a bit broader than most and there are new jobs being listed daily. They have two seperate job boards – one for the United States and one for Canada.

FlexJobs – Similar to WeWorkRemotely, this job board focuses solely on candidates who require flexibility in their roles. They have a wide variety of categories for employers to use, but flexibility is a must.

Idealist – This is a job board focused on the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits and companies that are working to fight local and global issues like hunger, homelessness, and environmental concerns can find idealistic and motivated workers through this platform.

SalesJobs – “Sales” isn’t exactly a narrow niche itself, but every employer knows the value of a skilled sales team. This job board allows employers to connect with skilled and professional sales employees from around the world.

While there are hundreds more niche job boards out there, we’ve curated many of the best. Again, if you’ve had good success with a board we haven’t listed, feel free to mention it below!


And of course, after you know which job board to post your job on, you’ll need to learn about finding quality job candidates.

The process of recruiting and hiring top-notch talent can be daunting, especially with the plethora of job boards available today. 

While there are familiar giants in the industry like Indeed and LinkedIn, there are also niche platforms catering specifically to creative professionals such as Behance and Dribbble. Selecting the right job board is crucial; it’s about balancing reach with relevance. 

Employers need to be strategic, refreshing their approach and ensuring listings are updated to remain effective. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a budding startup, the key is to identify the platform that aligns with your hiring needs and company culture. 

Ready to amplify your recruitment game? Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your recruiting needs. 


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