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Driving double-digit YoY growth in the highly competitive Information Technology space

Updated: May 30

Uptima approached Emerge Talent Cloud for assistance in driving growth in 2019. They were struggling to keep up with key hires which was jeopardizing their ability to maintain 30%+ revenue growth. Because of how critical these hires were. Bill Butler (CEO) was closely involved in the search process. What made this search particularly challenging for Bill is a combination of the high degree of technical skill required. plus a strong desire for the right culture fit. In addition. his search was restricted to a highly competitive geographical area.

  1. Urgency: we were working on a 11-week timeline to make 4 hires

  2. Roles: Practice Director. Practice Manager, Solutions Architect

  3. Services: 1 full-cycle Emerge Talent Cloud@ 40 hours per week

Immediately, Bill realized that his internal resources were insufficient in making these key hires. When Emerge Talent Cloud partnered with Uptima and completed an assessment of their recruitment capabilities, it became clear that it was time for a new approach to solving this challenge.

About Uptima

About Uptima Uptima is a consulting and system integration firm specializing on soft­ware solutions for companies with non-trivial product development, manufacturing, sales & service processes.

  1. Founded in 2007 in San Jose, CA

  2. 35 Employees, average tenure 4.1 years

Case Study, Q1 2019

Prior to learning about the Emerge Talent Cloud model, Uptima used traditional staffing firms when they needed to flex their recruitment muscle. They have not had good experiences with contingency-based recruiting firms, yet did not have the internal resources to make these hires.

Q Performance Metrics:

  1. # Qualified Candidated

  2. # Hires

ContractRecruiter allowed Uptima to work on multiple hires simultaneously. As a result. after 11 weeks Uptima placed 4 hires with salaries exceeding $68oK plus we deliverered 3 additional backup candidates to their recruitment pipeline.

Q Results:

  1. Time to fill: 2.7 weeks

  2. Cost per hire: 5.5%

“It was critical to us that we only hire the highest quality candidates. The continued dramatic growth in our business required a hiring spring which was well in excess of our capacity to manage internally.” – Bull Butler, CEO


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