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A Leader in Home and Long-Term Care Medical Products

Updated: May 30

To capitalize on their mounting success, this global leader of home and long-term care medical products called upon Emerge Talent Cloud for assistance. With the company’s rapid expansion came a need to reorganize outside sales teams to better segment influential customers with varying preferences – offering an array of significant opportunities while furthering business growth.


Fueled by their ambitious growth goals, the HR team was tasked to identify 12 specialized individuals capable of effectively driving sales and training teams on complex customer instructions. To launch this high impact mission successfully, they needed a strong recruitment strategy that could weather pressure from tight deadlines amid expanding operations.


With 12 key open sales positions looming, the talent acquisition team knew they had to act fast. Fortunately, their partnership with Emerge Talent Cloud provided an invaluable advantage: access to a wealth of efficient recruiting tools and qualified staff that allowed them — in record time — to find quality personnel for all vacant roles.


Emerge Talent Cloud enhanced the company’s recruitment processes with their “plug ‘n play” approach. They successfully identified, sourced and recruited passive candidates through strategic campaigns, targeted messaging that highlighted the client’s values and culture – resulting in 6 hires within 4 months. After only 5 more months of successful collaboration between Emerge Talent Cloud and the HR team, the remaining 6 roles were filled.

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