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5 Modern Recruiting Techniques

Updated: Jun 26

While LinkedIn remains the go-to platform for many recruiters, it’s important to remember it’s not the only tool available. Facebook, with its vast user base, offers a variety of features that can be beneficial for candidate sourcing. 

Moreover, in the evolving recruitment landscape, strategies like passive sourcing, geo-tracking, and recruitment marketing have emerged as game-changers. Here’s a deeper dive into the best Modern Recruiting Techniques: 

1. Passive Sourcing and Geo-tracking

Modern recruitment is no longer just about candidates who apply for jobs. Passive candidates, those who aren’t actively job-hunting but could be interested in the right opportunity, make up a significant portion of the talent pool. Advanced tools enable recruiters to pinpoint these candidates based on their online footprints, from articles they publish to forums they participate in. 

Additionally, geo-tracking enhances this by allowing recruiters to focus on candidates in specific geographical areas. The combination of passive sourcing and geo-tracking means you can find the right candidate in the right location, even if they’re not actively looking.

2. Candidate Campaigns

Once you’ve identified potential passive candidates, the next step is engagement. Candidate campaigns are tailor-made sequences designed to stir interest and present opportunities in a compelling way. 

With tools supporting multi-channel outreach, from personalized emails to LinkedIn messages, it’s now easier than ever to maintain continuous and engaging touchpoints. Especially with the prominence of mobile devices, text messages can offer immediate and direct communication, ensuring your opportunity is noticed.

3. LinkedIn Recruiter for Direct Outreach

LinkedIn Recruiter has revolutionized the way recruiters connect with potential candidates. While LinkedIn has a myriad of users, what sets its Recruiter tool apart is the ability to directly reach out to any user. 

This bypasses the traditional connection request route, offering a more direct line to potential candidates. It’s particularly effective when engaging with individuals who’ve indicated they’re “open to work,” as they’re likely more receptive to new opportunities.

4. Texting for Enhanced Engagement

In an era of instant communication, texting provides an immediacy that few other channels offer. But it’s not just for casual chats. 

Texting is becoming a pivotal recruitment tool, facilitating quick check-ins, interview reminders, or even initial outreach. Its directness ensures that messages don’t get lost in crowded email inboxes, and its informality can help foster a more genuine connection with candidates.

5. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment has blurred lines with marketing, and for a good reason. It’s not merely about listing job requirements anymore; it’s about selling the company’s vision, culture, and values. 

Central to this is the Employer Value Proposition (EVP). An effective EVP clearly articulates what a company offers its employees and why it’s unique from competitors. More than just salary or benefits, today’s discerning candidates want to know how their potential employer contributes positively to society and where they fit in that narrative.

Need Recruiting Help? 

Broadening your recruitment tools and strategies beyond LinkedIn can greatly enhance your reach and success rate. With the plethora of methods available, it’s about integrating the best of these to suit your company’s needs. By combining traditional platforms like Facebook with innovative recruiting techniques, you’re setting yourself up for a rich and diverse pool of potential candidates.

Looking to boost your recruiting efforts with innovative strategies? Don’t navigate the complex landscape alone. Reach out to our expert team today and let’s discover the best talent together.

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