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10 Ways to Select Staffing and Recruitment Services for Your Business

Updated: May 30

An organization is only as great as the people who are on staff. Therefore, it’s critical to hire and retain the best employees to get the job done well.

However, do you realize how important it is to also select staffing and recruitment services that can support your business growth and objectives? Just consider how challenging it is to find good people nowadays, even in a competitive job market.

You Get What You Pay For

While it’s certainly an employer’s market, there is an influx of unqualified and low-skilled candidates out there due to higher-than-average unemployment numbers in the past few years. You’ll soon see the value of working with a quality staffing and recruitment service. You need a seasoned recruitment team who can spot the best candidates and eliminate those who are not suitable for your business.

The right on-demand staffing and recruitment agency can provide direct access to well-vetted candidates who will bring innovation and success to your company. Yet, with so many choices, how can you know you are working with the best recruitment team? Use these 10 methods to select staffing and recruitment services that are right for your business needs.

1. Use industry specialists. Your first step in selecting staffing and recruitment services for your business is to go with a service that is well-versed in your specific industry. This will prevent you from having to educate the recruiter as much about your unique business needs. 2. Avoid long-term contracts. One of the traps that companies can get into is a staffing agency that requires long-term commitments and contracts that linger forever. Instead, opt for a recruitment team that gives you flexible, turn-on and off services. 3. Ask for references. Any company can promise you the moon and back, but to know how well a select staffing agency is doing is to ask for references from current clients, especially those who operate in your space. 4. Quality vs. quantity. You’ll want to evaluate the staffing agency selection you make to determine if you need a service that hires for volume or for specialists. Choose the right one for your business goals. 5. Candidate screening. When selecting staffing agencies and recruiters to work with, find out how they process and evaluate candidates. Is there a screening system in place, and how in-depth is it? 6. Ability to place. You may think that a recruitment agency can handle all types of staffing arrangements, but in reality, there are some assignments that require specialists. Ask what the policy is on hard-to-fill assignments before you select staffing services. Understand the difference between staffing and placement. 7. Guaranteed placement. As you are investing much into the candidates you bring on board, you want to make sure any agency you work with backs up their service in the case of a poor fit. Ask about placement guarantees or the policy on replacing a candidate. 8. Hourly vs. contingent. Consider how you would like to absorb the cost of recruitment services, by the hour or as a percentage of each new hire's rate. Then use your select staffing service that best matches your personnel budget. 9. Recruitment metrics. How does a potential staffing agency measure its success? Ask if there is a reporting system in place to help you maximize your recruitment ROI in black and white. 10. Business rating. Finally, be sure to check the Better Business Bureau and national recruitment associations to see what kind of reviews and ratings a staffing agency has received. Avoid the headache of finding out an agency is not on the up and up.

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