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Typical Jobs in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry offers numerous job opportunities that range from entry-level roles all the way up to senior managerial positions. Some of the most common jobs available are:

  • Operators, who oversee equipment and machinery processes.

  • Quality assurance specialists, who ensure high standards across production lines.

  • Logistics personnel, including drivers and delivery staff.

  • Maintenance engineers and technicians, with responsibility for upkeep of plants and machinery

  • General managers, who take overall responsibility for operations.

Recruiting for the Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing industry has been a driving force for job training, economic development, and global progress for many years. As more manufacturing firms turn to remote working styles, the demand for highly qualified workers has skyrocketed. To meet this requirement effectively, businesses must take careful steps to do thorough searches and determine reliable sources of recruitment. With an ever-increasing need for talented professionals in the manufacturing domain, consistently finding new employees is becoming increasingly important. Based on this reality, manufacturers have been treating recruiting processes with even more seriousness when seeking and hiring skilled members of their teams.

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Current Industry Trends

In recent years, technology has become more important when it comes to recruiting within the manufacturing industry. Automation and ‘Industry 4.0’ technologies have emerged as major disruptors – leading some key players in this field to turn towards virtual teams who can be managed remotely. This shift has seen an increase in demand for employees with specialist skills such as software engineering.

Another trend emerging within this sector is a rise in flexible working arrangements – including part-time contract work – as employers look for creative ways to plug skill gaps without compromising on quality or performance targets.

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Statistics and Hiring Challenges

With around 12 million people employed within the US manufacturing industry alone (according to Statista), competition can be fierce when trying to fill open roles. In addition, reports show that 62% of hiring managers across all industries are struggling to find talent with right levels of experience or technical knowledge that their teams require – leaving them with uncomfortable gaps or forced hires which might not deliver value or be sustainable in the long term.

How Emerge Talent Cloud Can Help

Emerge Talent Cloud provides services specifically tailored towards meeting your recruitment needs in the manufacturing industry by connecting you with experienced professionals right away without having to go through lengthy hire processes. Whether you need temporary staff or long-term assistance we streamline sourcing and hiring while reducing operational costs through our automated solutions that saves time and resources while giving you access to experts anytime you need them when the business requires additional help quickly.


Want To Learn More?

Check out our Case Studies for more details about the recruiting industry.

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