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Traditional IT recruitment firms don’t offer the flexibility and freedom to scale up and down according to talent needs. In addition, not all firms can deliver when it comes to speed, cost and quality — resulting in a longer time to hire, higher costs and poor candidate quality. At Emerge Talent Cloud, IT recruitment is our core specialty. We understand that when it comes to your organization’s security, systems and data management, you can’t be too careful. That’s why we source only top talent with the qualifications you specify — nothing less.

IT Recruiter

It’s no secret that — due to digital transformation and the surge in cybercrime — there’s an ongoing skills shortage in the IT sector. There’s also a shortage of IT talent for technological positions in other industries and sectors, such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, sales, marketing and logistics.

As such, finding qualified talent with the right skills and experience — and for the right price — is extremely challenging. Many companies discover sooner or later that their own talent acquisition team doesn’t have the time and resources to handle their hiring needs, so they opt to work with information technology recruitment firms. Yet these firms can’t always deliver the desired results.


Information Technology Recruitment Solutions

We’ve designed a solution for talent acquisition that’s far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional IT recruitment solutions. As an on-demand model that delivers recruitment services when and where you require them, it’s flexible, scalable and customized to your needs. In fact, we listen carefully to everything you share about your company so that we can understand your culture and objectives — and function as a seamless extension of you and your team.

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Here are the IT skills Dice reports are showing up
in the biggest numbers on its site this year:

  • Cyber Security

  • Information Security

  • JIRA (Project Management, Agile, DevOps)

  • NoSQL (Bid Data, Web Application Development, especially MongoDB)

  • Android Development

  • iOS Development

  • Puppet (Automation & Configuration Management, DevOps, Cloud)

  • Hadoop (Big Data)

  • Python (Software Development, Big Data)

  • Java (Software Development, Cloud, Mobile)

  • Data Analysis (Big Data, Analytics)

  • Teradata (Big Data, Analytics)

  • Open Source (Software Development, Big Data, Cloud)

  • UX/UI Design (Software Development, Mobile)

  • .NET (Software Development)

  • Virtualization Engineering (Virtualization, Cloud)

We can provide IT talent for the following specialties:

  • Planning: Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Coordinator, Scrum Master, Business Analyst

  • App Development: Front-end Developer, Server-side Developer,

  • Full-stack Developer, UX/UI Designers and Developers

  • Database: DBA, Database Developer, Data Modeler

  • Quality: DevOps Engineer, QA Analyst, QA Engineer, Release Engineer

  • Business Intel: Data Scientist, Data Warehousing, Reports Developer, BI Developer Infrastructure: Systems Engineer, Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Technical Support

  • Architecture: Data Architect, Database Architect, Solutions Architect, Enterprise Architect, Application Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Systems Architect, Network Architect, Data Warehouse Architect

Our Approach

We make it our mission to accurately communicate your employer brand and company messaging to the talent we approach. Thanks to our extensive talent pool, we can target both active and passive candidates to find those with the skills you’re looking for. We always value candidate quality over quantity, and we ensure superior candidate care that will help strengthen your reputation as an employer of choice. As a result, you get talent with the skills, experience and mindset you need — when you need them.

Our team works hard to remain in-tune with major industry sources of IT hiring intelligence.

Dice reports that the top three IT job skills from the biggest number of open positions posted on its site are security (including cyber security and information security), JIRA, and Puppet skills. Recruiting experts say the most sought-after candidates this year will be for positions such as security architect and security engineer because of mobile and cloud computing and multiple devices with multiple endpoints.

Dice president Shravan Goli explains that the many high-profile security breaches in recent years are fueling the demand for security skills in IT hiring. However, Java development skills, web development and open source skills, and Hadoop experience are also on most IT hiring managers’ radar, as are skills in “SMAC” technologies – social, mobile, analytics, and cloud tech.


Want To Learn More?

Check out our Case Studies for more details about the recruiting industry.

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Trending IT Jobs

Although the current majority of in-demand jobs are security roles, CIO staff writer Sharon Florentine recommends a forward-looking workforce plan that is developed collaboratively with executives & IT teams for the best results to fill the following hot jobs.

Developing collaboration and a social media strategy and directing collaboration among teams are urgent needs today with rapidly advancing mobile and social technologies. Employers need to understand social media collaboration to be able to participate effectively with employees, customers, and partners in the social media realm. CEB advises employers that candidates need marketing, communications, and behavioral sciences knowledge and education such as organizational psychology to step into this role and successfully guide their organizations in social arenas.


Top Areas for IT Hiring

IT hiring is hot across all industries and regions, but there are certain areas where it is white-hot. Some of the fastest-growing cities for IT jobs are in Raleigh, N.C.; Hartford, Conn.; and Denver, Colo. According to tech jobs site Dice, of metro areas with at least 500 jobs listed on their site, five regions saw the greatest job growth increases:


Raleigh, N.C.


Portland, OR


Hartford, CT


D.C / Baltimore


Silicon Valley

Dice reports that three out of four hiring managers plan to hire for IT positions this year. The key drivers for tech hiring include advances in mobile, social, big data, cloud, and security-related services that businesses need to stay secure and competitive.

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