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Engineers develop the products, machines, processes, and super systems that we use every day. Engineering specialties span flight and space, mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, computer science, nuclear, power, building, and operating in our modern world. Where would we be without them? We may have to find out this year.

The Professional Engineers Network (PEN) reports a severe talent shortage in engineering. This is due to a perfect storm of several factors including fewer college students choosing to study engineering, senior engineering knowledge, skills, and experience leaving the workforce as Baby Boomers retire, and restrictive Professional Engineering licensing requirements that include four years of experience to qualify for the exam.

Forecasts predict a shortage coming to the engineering industry, which means you need a recruiting expert to guide you through finding the talent your business needs.

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Situation recently reported that overall unemployment remains at a low five percent, the unemployment rate for engineers is almost zero. Engineers are in the top 10 careers experiencing talent shortages according to Manpower Group’s Talent Shortage Survey, and Randstad U.S. reports that there are 17 openings for every electrical engineering candidate.

That’s just one engineering specialty. Add to that the fact that demand is expected to be highest for engineers in Chicago, Houston, and San Diego but candidates will be concentrated in New York and Los Angeles, and you can see how recruiting for engineers can be a logistical nightmare this upcoming year.


Take a look at engineering salaries reported by the BLS:


Agricultural Engineer


Industrial Engineer


Civil Engineer


Mechanical Engineer


Biomedical Engineer


Materials Engineer


Geological Engineer


Marine Engineer


Electrical Engineer


Chemical Engineer


Nuclear Engineer


Computer Engineer

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Finding Top Engineering Candidates

On-campus recruiting events and engineering industry trade shows are additional avenues for connecting with engineering candidates. The ASME Annual Global Conference on NanoEngineering for Medicine and Biology, the National Association of Tower Erectors, and the ASNE Day for the American Society of Naval Engineers are just a few trade shows where you can expect to find engineering candidates.


Want To Learn More?

Check out our Case Studies for more details about the recruiting industry.

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