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The Growing eCommerce Industry

Recruiting in the eCommerce industry can be a tricky task, with some unique hiring challenges. There are many advantages to recruiting for this fast-paced industry, but there are also some difficult obstacles to navigate.

The eCommerce industry is growing quickly and steadily; according to Statista, global online sales are projected to reach $4 trillion by 2025. With such rapid growth comes an increased demand for qualified professionals with specialized skillsets needed to manage and lead large operations. This means there are new opportunities opening in the industry every day that need to be filled promptly and efficiently–a tough challenge for any recruiter!

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According to a study conducted by Glassdoor Economic Research:

  • 93% of digital buyers made at least one online purchase within six months of being surveyed.

  • 63% of millennials prefer shopping online instead of visiting physical stores.

  • 75% of shoppers report making impulse purchases while shopping online.

These statistics demonstrate just how wide-reaching and dynamic eCommerce has become over recent years–and why it’s so important to have capable employees who can manage such complex operations.

Hiring Challenges

Finding the right candidate for an eCommerce role isn’t easy; recruiters must consider a diverse range of skillsets required for the position including customer service experience, knowledge of payment systems, technology expertise, product development, business acumen and more. Furthermore, as technology advances rapidly in the world of eCommerce, candidates need to be up to date on the latest technologies used within their potential organization–an ever-changing landscape that makes finding suitable talent even more difficult.

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How Emerge Talent Cloud Can Help

Emerge Talent Cloud specializes in helping businesses handle their recruitment needs in the eCommerce industry. As an experienced team of recruiters focused on placing top talent into roles within fast-paced organizations such as Amazon or Walmart, we understand what it takes to find suitable candidates quickly and efficiently. From developing targeted job postings that will attract qualified applicants from around the world to screening through applications from dozens – or even hundreds – of potential hires at once, our approach helps ensure only those most qualified make it through the process. We take pride in connecting businesses with talented individuals who can add immense value; our success rate speaks for itself.


Want To Learn More?

Check out our Case Studies for more details about the recruiting industry.

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